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Rob Bell, Universalism and all that Jazz.

I promised to respond to the many comments put up after I posted my thoughts on Rob Bell, Universalism, and seeing and understanding God as a threat. First up, my brother. “Interestingly enough, I’ve heard people use Luther’s major premises … Continue reading

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Letters Between Friends: Rebekah Rossi, the Holy Spirit our Mother, gender constructs and the divine feminine.

Rossi recently posted: “How would you respond to someone referring to or praying to the Holy Spirit as “Mom”? I’m interested to hear your thoughts…”  She tracked me down and wanted my input and I jokingly put “heresy” but promised … Continue reading

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Dear David Canon: Atonement theories have never fed the poor.

Dear David Canon, First off, thank you for your kind words.  While it is self-evident that I am the most wonderful of all the Gonzagas here at Fuller, it is always nice to be reminded. Second, I apologize for starting this conversation … Continue reading

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Letters Between Friends: Dear Kevin (From David Cannon)

Dearest Kevin, most wonderful of the Gonzagas, Thank you for the very kind words man, and also for finding a wife for me. That’s so nice of you. I really enjoyed your letter, and largely agree with you. I’m simply … Continue reading

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Letters Between Friends: Dear David Cannon

To those of you know do not know David Cannon here is quick fact sheet: David Cannon hails from Idaho.  He is a Calvinist/Reformed theologian. He went to Whitworth with a large group of people who also attend Fuller.  He … Continue reading

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Letters Between Friends: Intro

Throughout most of my life, most of my learning has happened outside the classroom and in discussions with friends.  When I was in ministry this was in learning groups, when I was undergrad and back at seminary, it is now … Continue reading

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