Life in marvelous times…

I think most of my life I have been waiting for an invitation to come and join a party I was already at. My own self-hatred kept me from acknowledging that God and others wanted me even though they did and they do. Now that God has dealt with my self-hatred, I’m finally able to accept myself and accept and receive the love He and others have been offering me for some time.

I have come to the end of myself like the lost prodigal son, and come running back to the Father I ran from. I have let go of the legalism of the older son, who was so near to the Father but was just as lost.

Now it’s time for a party! A party at the table of Jesus Christ, where all are welcome! (I should have known this was coming – I just got into cooking!)

About Speakfaithfully

I am figuring out life and faith and taking other people along with me on my journey. Sometimes as fellow travelers, sometimes as hostages.
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  1. Anina Human says:


    So happy for you. What an amazing Father we’ve got, and the end of self, so good. I see, if you can go to our Father just as you are, that it is when He can give you much more. Like the lost son, some how, if you go dirty, then He respond more, than you going, “clean”, “sorted out”. Dirty, is when He can and then wants, to put on His robe, and give you a feast.

    We tend to think its the other way around. Where I see the Holy Spirit move most, with the power of God, it is with sinners, weary, hopeless people. His love for us “sinners” is amazing, my mind, do not understand it.

    If I am with “holy” grand, sorted out people, no or very little supernatural manifestation of Gods power. He loves people who wants, and need Him. Then He can get all the honour and glory forever and ever.

    For a year God said, be yourself so that I can be your God, in my seeking, searching for more. The world, and religion, pushes us to become something we are not. We change, little by little to not be just as you are.

    Enjoy your party, He will not stop!

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