Arthritis and the Word of the Lord

I’ve written about it from time to time but I am still suffering from arthritis and have been praying for complete supernatural healing since last spring.

To recap briefly I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was eight years old after experiencing pain sporadically for two years.  I prayed for years for healing that never came and finally gave up.  Some Christians suggested this was something God was asking me to trust Him with, and this fit with the fact that I was not being healed, so I made peace with it and moved on.

Last Spring, around the time of my dramatic inner healing prayer my arthritis pain dropped off the map.  I was so pain free I started forgetting to take my medications. I felt called to receive prayer again for healing and have been off any pain medications since then.

However, around the Fall my arthritis pain started coming back with a vengeance. This has confused me greatly.  I apparently was not healed of arthritis completely.  Were my pain meds, my active lifestyle and the warmer weather really responsible for my lack of pain?  Did I misinterpret what was going on with me?  If so, what is the truth?

A few weeks back I drew a proverbial line in the sand with my upcoming road-trip to Bethel.  Bethel is a church that regularly sees supernatural healings and it is a place of great faith for such things.  I do not want to get superstitious about place, as I believe God is everywhere and could heal me right now in So Cal, but this trip for me is a symbolic and significant step of faith on my part.

As that day has drawn closer my arthritis pain has gone off the charts.  It spikes and abates at times but my lower back in particular is the worst it has ever been.  I am taking pain pills like candy and there are still times where breathing, sneezing, picking things up off the floor, sitting down, standing up, and even lying down are painful. Needless to say I have not been able to work out, run or exercise for a few weeks and not being active is the worst thing for my specific kind of arthritis.

So we are coming down to the wire and I actually have “Get healed from arthritis” in my calendar at 9:00am this Saturday. I have even received a number of prophetic words from people and from God that God wants to heal me.

As I go up I am asking for a complete and supernatural healing of my arthritis.  I do not want to have it go away for a time but then come back later.  I want fire in my body from my head to my toe so that I know that I know that I know that this is done.  21 years of chronic pain is enough. If the testimony God has for me is like others in the Bible who were afflicted for years before being healed I want that testimony now.  I want my healing to change how I pray for the healings of others and I want to experience the supernatural healing of my body not just my heart and mind.

If there is something “blocking” my healing, like resentment or some other issue, I want God to reveal that now or at my Inner Healing Prayer session I have set up the night before.

If God is not going to heal me in this life and does in fact want me to have faith in Him despite my arthritis, I am actually okay with that, but I want to know that I know that I know this is the situation.  No matter what happens I will go to my deathbed believing that God supernaturally heals people, but sometimes no matter how much faith or how fervent our prayers not everyone get’s healed in this life. And God is still good. 

If I am someone who is not going to experience physical healing I want Him to make that 100% abundantly clear to me. If my testimony is to proclaim God’s goodness despite my continued physical ailment that is what I will live out. I have never heard Him say this to me, but if this is truly the case, I want Him to.  But again, if that is to be my testimony, I want it now and I do not want to waste time worrying or thinking more about this issue.

So friends be sending positive thoughts and prayers for me this weekend.  Either way I want something to happen and to move forward putting this issue to rest so I can move forward.  Either way I want to know how my arthritis and my prayers are to testify to God’s goodness and glory.

At the end of the day my soul echoes the words of Mary when she said, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be unto me according to your word” and I am really, really desperate to know what the word of the Lord is on this issue.

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I am figuring out life and faith and taking other people along with me on my journey. Sometimes as fellow travelers, sometimes as hostages.
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4 Responses to Arthritis and the Word of the Lord

  1. I too was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 6 years old and have suffered every day and I’m 31. I understand COMPLETELY what you are going through and I am sorry. I am praying for you that you receive the healing and comfort that you need.

    • Melinda Delgado says:

      Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Cry out to him and ask him to forgive you of your sins and he will heal you. I know because when I cried out to him with all my heart and I asked him to forgive my sins. He forgave me and healed my arthritis and my back pain. All glory to Jesus, he is God and he can heal you just believe in him and repent because God does not hear the prayers of sinners until they repent. and read the gospel in the book of John he heals a man who was crippled and could not walk, after he heals him he tells him, you are made whole now. Go and sin no more lest something worst happens to you. Please believe in Jesus and you will see his miracles in your life. dont go to church building, just cry out to him right now with all your heart.

  2. Melinda Delgado says:

    You must repent of all your sins. ask Jesus to forgive you of all your sins even the ones you dont remember and believe that Jesus is Lord. Jesus is the way, the truth, and life, no man can come to the Father but by Jesus. Jesus forgives and heals. Jesus healed my arthritis and my back problems. You must only have faith in Jesus. Churches, idols, pain meds, ect are all lies the more you go to other ways of trying to heal yourself, the more pain you will get because its a sin to think that you can get healing outside from Jesus. Repent and believe in Jesus and read the gospel.

  3. Tejas Sontakey says:

    Dear Bro/Sister. Dont pray for arthritis cause god cures disease and not jut symptoms.Arthritis any type, is caused by auto immune disorder. so thtat need to be cured from your body and any kind of arthritis can be gone. let me know what you think

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