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Letters Between Friends: Rebekah Rossi, the Holy Spirit our Mother, gender constructs and the divine feminine.

Rossi recently posted: “How would you respond to someone referring to or praying to the Holy Spirit as “Mom”? I’m interested to hear your thoughts…”  She tracked me down and wanted my input and I jokingly put “heresy” but promised … Continue reading

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Why do we believe…women cannot lead in the Church (or at least not at senior leadership levels)?

Growing up I have seen and heard a wide variety of rules and beliefs concerning women in church leadership. Some of these rules are unspoken while others are very clearly defined and codified. One one extreme there are some Churches that affirm … Continue reading

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Pastoral Care and Sexuality: What is Christian masculinity and Christian femininity?

In my previous post and poll I talked about the fact that gender has been argued to be either a product of biological factors, sociocultural factors or some mix of the two.  I also presented a pair of married Christian … Continue reading

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