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Why do we believe…such wonky things about Satan (part 3)

I have called into question the traditional understanding of Satan. Many widely held beliefs have absolutely either have no basis in scripture or at best not explicitly laid out. I have suggested the description of Satan in scripture actually changed … Continue reading

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Why do we believe…such wonky things about Satan? (Part 2)

In this post I suggest the traditional understanding of Satan is wrong and not in the Bible.  I discuss how the Bible actually describes Satan and how one can see this description actually changes over time. Traditionally, Satan/The Devil is … Continue reading

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This Liminal Space

[Suicide/Child abuse trigger warning: If child abuse and/or suicide are triggers for you, you may not want to read this post or at least prepare yourself.] In Pastoral Counseling Dr. Hammer made the statement that our role as pastoral counselors … Continue reading

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Job: Some intial thoughts.

I have struggled with theodicy my whole life and so I thought it would be wise to take Job Exegesis this quarter with Butler, an amazing Job scholar, and delve into the Hebrew text.  I am currently writing my exegetical … Continue reading

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Recovery Journal: Learned Helplessness and the Theology of the Abused (Part 1)

Part 1: My identity is not in Christ, it is in Seligman’s dogs. During my Introduction to Psychology class at Pasadena City College we covered something briefly that I think was very impactful for my life and I’m sure my … Continue reading

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