Pe’ Sla Fundraiser update and thanks!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my birthday fundraiser for Pe’ Sla!  I want to update everyone on what is going on in regards to Pe’ Sla, and how the fundraiser went.

First, the Pe’ Sla land is not going to auction today. The private owners of the land pulled it off of the auction a few days ago and have not spoken to anyone as to the reason for this. This may be a bad or good thing and everyone is still waiting to see how this pans out.  What that means for us though is that there is a lot more time to get organized, spread the word, and donate this fund.  So please, even though my birthday event is over, this issue is still unresolved.  Consider how you may want to participate.

(Sidenote: If you want some motivation or are asking yourself why you should care about some land in South Dakota, read my most recent blog entry and ask yourself, “How responsible am I for colonialism?”)

Second in regards to the fundraiser a few things should be noted.

Roughly 90% of the donations came in from non-Native American friends of mine who had no idea about Pe’ Sla. What this means to me is that while most mainstream people may not get why this land is sacred, they might not know all about the history of the treaties and colonialism, they “get” that it is wrong that people should have to raise money to buy back their own sacred land to preserve it and maintain access to it…most people have just not heard about it.  I am normally not into awareness campaigns but I think this is one worth spreading.

Second, my brother donated $100 to Pe’ Sla to force me to cover a song of his choice on YouTube. What a generous dick. Tweet him suggestions at @lupesopacus for what song he should make me sing and then I will upload the results to YouTube and post it here.

Third, we were at $385 at 11:56 p.m. last night and then I went to bed.  I was planning on just donating enough to make it an even $500 but then I woke up and saw this.


Now I read this at 8:40 a.m. Technically this means that the $500 goal was not broken as it was not in before midnight and the money has not yet been donated.

However, this whole fundraiser was not about technicalities, nor could I let this donation and the heart behind it go unacknowledged. This donation is from my friend who is a U.S. military vet who is just starting his own business.  He is by no means infinitely or independently wealthy and his giving is not just charity but risk for him.

So even though the goal was not reached I have decided to match all $500. This will have to wait a bit as I got hit unexpectedly by a several hundred dollars of car repair bill and several hundred dollars of dental bills this week, but since the auction has been brought down, I have some time to get the money together.

Again thanks for everyone for contributing! Please continue to pray for a just resolution to this whole situation, spread the word about Pe’ Sla, stay tuned for additional updates for me, and wish me a happy birthday this Sunday!


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