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Speakfaithfully Podcast Episode 5: The Walk for Change at UND with Dani Miller and Emmy Scott

  Today’s episode focuses on the Walk for Change at UND, a Native American organized event that was created in response to a variety of racist and insensitive incidents at UND. At the end of the walk organizers put forward … Continue reading

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Filming Sundance: Tradition, technology, and journalism collide.

A few weeks ago I was invited to help at a sundance ceremony that was being organized and run by friends of mine in the Native American community. Sundance is a sacred ceremony common to a number of Native American … Continue reading

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The last several months and the last several years…

About the last several months… Last Summer I wrote three of what I consider to be the best and most honest pieces I have ever written. (They can be accessed here, here, and here)  They were the fruit of a … Continue reading

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A reminder for those of you still contemplating whether or not to join a #J11 rally tomorrow…

I’ll be attending the Los Angeles rally outside the Canadian consulate again and I invite anyone in the are to join me. The address is 550 South Hope St. and we will be going from noon to 3:00 pm. Now, … Continue reading

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Calling Out Socially Acceptable Racism

Last night I received my first Twitter suspension. I also had some friends on Facebook give me flak regarding the tone of my responses that led to the suspension. All of my replies were in response to Tweets that came … Continue reading

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Pe’ Sla Fundraiser update and thanks!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my birthday fundraiser for Pe’ Sla!  I want to update everyone on what is going on in regards to Pe’ Sla, and how the fundraiser went. First, the Pe’ Sla land is not … Continue reading

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How responsible am I for colonialism?: Why Kevin Gonzaga exists.

[Introduction: This is a several page post that I began writing as I wrestled with considering my personal responsibility in regards to European colonialism which “settled” the nation I grew up in. It ended up being about why I exists … Continue reading

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Speakfaithfully’s Birthday Fundraiser: Raising support for Pe’Sla!

[TLDR Version:  To support this: http://www.indiegogo.com/PeSla-LakotaHeartland I created this: http://www.facebook.com/events/418179661562608/ And am asking people to donate to this fund on my behalf instead of sending me presents or cards. If you help me raise $500, I will contribute $500 of my own … Continue reading

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