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Does America Fight for Freedom?

One persistent claim in U.S. society is that, “The troops fought/fight for our freedom!” and that we “fight for freedom” in our various wars. In my experience, this idea is brought up to try and silence criticism of the United … Continue reading

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#TakeAKnee or #TakeASeat

A Reasonable, Non-Violent Protest, Grounded in American Freedoms and Rights “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than … Continue reading

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Election 2016: The Dems Lost by Defending the Status Quo of Neoliberal Capitalism

While I have criticized the Green Party and see our future under Trump and the GOP as very bleak, most of my anger from the election of 2016 is actually at the Democratic Party. The Democratic party claims to be … Continue reading

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Election 2016: Trump and Unity On the Left

Unity In Revolutionary Movements According to some who study revolutions, there are at least two basic types of revolutionary guerrilla movements that are differentiated by their origins. One type of movement arises when one social group (such as peasants and … Continue reading

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Election 2016: Trump and the GOP agenda will be a disaster for most people.

I’m tempted to not even write this post as the first few steps of the Trump presidency and those in the coming weeks and months will make my point better than I can. However, for the record, I believe Trump … Continue reading

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Election 2016: The Progressive Wilderness Ahead

Barring some unlikely scenarios, the GOP will effectively be in control of all branches of government for at least the next two years. Progressive citizens can protest this all we want, but even if we were completely unified (which we are not) our … Continue reading

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Election 2016: No, the Green Party Did Not Cost the Democrats the Election

Numerous articles have circulated  accusing the Green Party and Jill Stein for costing Clinton the election. These have not just been fringe ramblings of disgruntled relatives and friends on Facebook, but published stories in respected media outlets. This has spawned many … Continue reading

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