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Everything I have to say about the #SiouxperDrunk Controversy and T-Shirts

Dear UND and larger Grand Forks Community, Stop being dicks to Native Americans. Sincerely, -Speakfaithfully/Kevin Gonzaga

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Debunking the Myth of the Free Ride

In my last post I discussed how Cliven Bundy’s incredibly offensive racist statements in part stem from a worldview in part shaped by the Myth of the Free Ride, This myth is the belief that minorities are getting more than … Continue reading

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Cliven Bundy and The Myth of the Free Ride

For decades, a white rancher in Nevada named Cliven Bundy has refused to pay taxes to the Federal Government for allowing his cattle to graze on public land. Few took notice of this issue until Bundy actually started paying consequences … Continue reading

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Letters Between Friends: To Jeremy C. on White Privilege (Part 2)

My friend recently linked and article on the topic of white privilege and asked: “I don’t feel bad for having what we call ‘white privilege.’ What I hate is that it isn’t a universal privilege. From my experience, this list seems absolutely … Continue reading

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The logic of Whiteness: We can take everything from you, but don’t you dare take from us!

The other day I was in a job interview. I struck up a conversation with my interviewer, a middle aged white male from North Dakota, as he ran my background check. Despite the fact it had come up that I had … Continue reading

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#CancelColbert and the need for Solidarity

Is it satire critiquing racism or more racism? Recently The Colbert Report ran a segment mocking Dan Snyder’s attempts to woo Native American support as controversy surrounding his team’s name (the R*dskins) has increased significantly in recent months. However, the segment itself … Continue reading

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Blackface and Bloodstains

Fall, the season of racism. Every October people around the world get dressed up and attend various costumed parties or functions, usually in some connection to Halloween. Inevitably stories and pictures emerge of white people dressing up in racial or … Continue reading

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