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The Weaponization of Social Media and Sociology

The Power of Perceived Consensus Many years ago I learned about the Asch Conformity Experiment. I could explain it, but this video, with footage from the actual tests probably introduces it best. This study highlights the powerful effect that our perception … Continue reading

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Another U.S.A. is possible…

The U.S.A. has completely lost its way as a nation.  Rhetoric and money control our social conscious and our domestic and foreign policy.  This has led us into a place where we are a very pathetic example of a democratic … Continue reading

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Three thoughts regarding Western aid and non-profits…

Recently Invisible Children’s “Kony 2012” campaign has been met with a lot of arguments and criticisms. Rachel Held Evans has compiled a series of links that summarize the arguments for and against this most recent initiative by Invisible Children. This is … Continue reading

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Worth Reading: H. Richard Niebuhr and the Church Against The World

As part of my church history I have been reading a lot of writings from other Christians.  Some of these are gems and I wanted to share them with some Worth Reading posts.  They are further proof that I believe … Continue reading

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