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Speakfaithfully’s Birthday Fundraiser: Raising support for Pe’Sla!

[TLDR Version:  To support this: I created this: And am asking people to donate to this fund on my behalf instead of sending me presents or cards. If you help me raise $500, I will contribute $500 of my own … Continue reading

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Worth Reading: H. Richard Niebuhr and the Church Against The World

As part of my church history I have been reading a lot of writings from other Christians.  Some of these are gems and I wanted to share them with some Worth Reading posts.  They are further proof that I believe … Continue reading

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Worth Reading: The Inerrancy and Infallbility of scripture. (Blog by Snow)

Recently a friend of mine, who blogs under the name Snow, wrote an article for the Fuller newspaper regarding the debate concerning the inerrancy and/or infallibility of scripture.  I greatly appreciated his take on the issue and some of his … Continue reading

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