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Systemic racism is the main reason why we tolerate statistics regarding our criminal justice system.

Yesterday I was reading Conquest by Andrea Smith, you know, to educate myself. I came across confirmation of a stagger statistic that I had heard but never really looked into. I Tweeted this stat and it led to this interaction. It … Continue reading

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How responsible am I for colonialism?: Why Kevin Gonzaga exists.

[Introduction: This is a several page post that I began writing as I wrestled with considering my personal responsibility in regards to European colonialism which “settled” the nation I grew up in. It ended up being about why I exists … Continue reading

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Sincerity of faith is not an inoculation against participating in evil.

[Disclaimer: This post explores injustices and this post contains graphic and explicit pictures of violence and dead bodies related to that subject.] No one can really deny that Christians have supported and participated in very serious evils in history. At … Continue reading

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Why do we believe…that the USA has a special relationship with God or is a “Christian nation?”

I am beginning with this post because a conversation at Thanksgiving is really what prompted me to take this blog series more seriously than I was planning. A group of BVG members and I got together after Thanksgiving and we … Continue reading

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