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Pihop, Bethel, Jake Hamilton and the Tensions of Charismatic Faith

One of the interesting dynamics at the School of Supernatural Ministry at Pihop that I am involved in is that it is the combination of two separate movements of the Holy Spirit.  On one hand there is Bethel and on … Continue reading

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The Great Emergence: Why I ain’t afraid of no (Holy) Ghost.

[In my last post I suggested that a recent dialogue at Fuller raised two issues for me.  First, the interplay between being a responsible but engaging and provocative communicator and the fear of the Holy Spirit I see in the … Continue reading

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The Great Emergence: Tony Jones and Provocative (but Responsible) Dialogue

Recently Fuller Seminary hosted a talk on “Emergence Spirituality.”  Put succinctly, Christianity is going through a major identity crisis that tends to happen every five hundred years or so.  In the West, Conservative Evangelicalism, a Protestant brand of Christianity that … Continue reading

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