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The moral responsibility of Settlers: What kind of society do we want to live in?

Photo: Ossie Michelin  Earlier today a large force of heavily armed RCMP officers descended on an anti-fracking blockade organized by members of the Elsipogtog Nation in New Brunswick, Canada. The blockade has been in place to protest shale gas exploration and … Continue reading

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If the “Truth mine” approach to the Bible is so broken, why is it so widespread and why do Christians keep using it?

[In my previous posts I have suggested approaching the Bible as a “truth mine,” to be excavated for eternal and divine truths that are applicable to everyone, is problematic for several reasons. The development and nature of the Bible itself … Continue reading

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The Great Emergence: How I see Christianity changing in the next hundred years and why…

[Three speakers at Fuller discussed how Christianity is changing and why. Using some of their statements and thoughts as a springboard I want to share my own beliefs on this issue] Jumping ship… Phyllis Tickle, to whom I will refer … Continue reading

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Why do we believe…we should run the Church like any other secular organization? (Conclusion: Because of syncretism with Western Culture)

Leslie Newbigin was a British missionary who lived in India for forty years. When he arrived in India he saw with clarity the insights and idols of the Eastern Indian culture.  While Indian Christians were more susceptible to the subtle … Continue reading

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